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Learn the art & business of freelance writing


Learn the art & business of freelance writing

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how writers make money

How Writers Make Money

It’s not easy to make a full-time living as a writer, but it’s possible. Many writers are able to earn a decent living with their writing, and it’s not as uncommon as…

A Guide To Writing Powerful Headlines

Whether it’s a book proposal or a blog post, titles and headlines matter. They don’t just summarize your story, post, article, or essay, they also entice an audience to read your words…

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6-week freelance writing workshop
Live Q&A: Breaking Into Media (10.22.20)

``To think in January I hadn't written anything, and now I have 3 published articles in 3 months. Alex and Kristin gave me multiple entry points to get moving.``

Ainsley Maloney Associate Director of Industry Relations, Thomas Jefferson University & freelance writer

``Come Write With Us is the best writing course I've taken. It taught me how to take my writing to the next level.``

Dr. Juli Fraga Psychologist & freelance journalist

``This course gave me the tools I needed – four weeks later, I landed a contract at the rate I wanted with my first ever freelance writing client.``

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Jaime Escuder Attorney & freelance writer

``I had so many questions as a new writer. This course breaks it down.``

Anna Weisend Freelance writer and founder of A Serial Life

``Come Write With Us is the freelance writing course I wish I had in college.``

Ransom Patterson Full-time freelance writer

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